From Cowboy Boots To Double Denim, How To Style The Western Fashion Trend

From Cowboy Boots To Double Denim, How To Style The Western Fashion Trend
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On any given day, your odds of seeing someone in cowboy boots have probably quadrupled from this time two years ago — regardless of your proximity to horse stables. The Western fashion trend and, more recently, dubbed by TikTokers as Coastal Cowgirl and Cowboycore aesthetics have been rising in popularity to make 2024 the year of the rodeo

This year, the trend’s biggest influence has undoubtedly been Cowboy Carter, Beyonce’s new country-inspired album that has broken several streaming records since its March 29 release. For months, the singer has teased us with glamorous Western-inspired ‘fits, including the latex chaps, heeled boots, and cowboy hat featured on the album cover. (Western fashion was also present during her Renaissance tour last year.) 

And it’s not just Beyoncé who’s pushing the horse girl agenda. Western fashion has dominated Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, defined the camp costumes in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, and broke the internet earlier this year when Bella Hadid debuted her new equestrian hobby and her Texas cowboy boyfriend. On the designer fashion end, fringe details, cowboy hats, and endless double denim appeared on the fall/winter 2024 runways.

While it’s fun to lean into the latest trends for concerts and events, Western fashion may not seem the easiest to integrate into your daily wardrobe. But, whether you’re daunted by ostentatious, wide-brimmed hats or feel unsure about how to style cowboy boots, fret not, because there are tons of ways to try the style without looking like a fraud and successfully avoid a trip to the donation bin by the end of the year. 

Ahead, find Western-inspired pieces you can wear to the Cowboy Carter tour if you’re lucky enough to score tickets, to your next night out, and perhaps even your next day in the office. As Beyoncé says in her song “Levi’s Jeans,” all you need is “denim on denim on denim on denim; give you high fashion in a simple white tee.” Whatever Beyoncé says, we do. 

How To Style The Western Trend: A Cowboy Hat

The diamond-encrusted cowboy hats Beyoncé debuted on Renaissance back in 2022 are still living rent-free in our minds. Whether you’re looking to invest in a traditional style from a Western-wear brand like Stetson (which Beyoncé wore to the 2024 Grammy Awards) or a denim cowboy hat to rock for spring and summer, the trick to mastering this look is all about confidence.

How To Wear The Cowboy Trend: Subtle Detailing

If you’re new to the wild side, saddle up with subtle details like Western-inspired trims or embellishments; a belt with cowboy-style hardware can take jeans and a white tee from “yee” to “haw.” Because Western styles are trending this season, you’ll find plenty of subtle nods to the trend — look out for geometric crochet patterns, metallic studs, and muted color blocks.

How To Style The Western Trend: Cowboy Boots

Sturdy, knee-high, statement-making cowboy boots are the epitome of the trend, but they’re not the only footwear option for us Coastal Cowgirls. If the traditional cowboy boot doesn’t suit your everyday style, consider ankle-length alternatives, biker boots with metal hardware, and stiletto boots with a Western-inspired pattern.

How To Wear The Cowboy Trend: Cow Print

Take inspiration from the cattle farm with a touch of cow print this season. A Western alternative to this season’s leopard print trend, the look comes in lots of different colors, saturations, and intensities. If a cow-print coat a la Saks Potts isn’t your thing, opt for a graphic pop in the form of accessories.

How To Style The Western Trend: Denim on Denim

Single, double, or triple denim… anything goes when channelling your inner Cowboy Carter. Denim styling made a huge splash on the fall/winter 2024 runways and is probably the easiest Western aesthetic to integrate into your wardrobe. While the Canadian Tuxedo is your most classic approach, Western-inspired denim can also include fringed jackets, jumpsuits, and patchwork styles.

How To Wear The Cowboy Trend: Cowboy Motifs

Prefer to take the obvious but quirky route? Let your clothes and accessories do the talking with cactus prints, cowboy graphics (preferably with rodeo-approved lingo), and cutesy motifs of horseshoes and Western boots. Next step? Hopping on a flight to Houston, Texas. 

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